The California Cycling Camps (C3) and Tours are held in our backyard – the Santa Monica Mountains. Located one hour north of Los Angeles and one hour south of Santa Barbara this is, hands down, one of the best places to ride in the entire country. No, we’re serious. The location speaks for itself-  Each year more and more professional teams are coming to Southern California for their pre-season training. Why not you?  Our home is your adventure and we would like to share our experience with you.

Snowed in? Below freezing? Frostbite? If this is your town in January or February, and you’re stuck in the basement pedaling on rollers watching Paris-Robaix for the 100th time, you need to be in California! Sunshine, dry roads and smiles for miles, West Coast style.

The C3 team is comprised of highly experienced cyclists  who want to share their backyard with you. We offer a limited number of camps and tours put on throughout the year. Each camp and tour is run by the same core group of three individuals that train and race together on a daily basis. Each C3 camp and tour has a maximum rider limit and we will not exceed that limit once we reach capacity. We provide off-season tours to the everyday bike lover, base mile training for racers, skill training, and junior camps for  the future of our sport.

Mountain Bikers-  Stay tuned! The C3 team is in the process of developing off-road packages in the spring of 2007, to highlight the hundreds of miles of trails in our area as well.


The C3 team would like to ensure that your expectations are being met while attending one of our adventures. If you are looking to get away and get some great off season time on the bike, we can help. If you are looking to have fun and improve your fitness, we can help. If you are looking for us to carry your bike and push you up the hills, maybe Gus can help, but certainly not Jerry. 


There are many advantages to the C3 school of thought. Your core team will focus on the everyday rider and will provide an enjoyable, real-life look at the bike. Here are just some of your advantages:

No Math - More

Some of your fancy tours give you body fat, VO2 Max, Anaerobic/Lactate Threshold testing and more. The only thing missing is a PhD and a headache when you are done. While we feel that high level testing is an important variable to improve the serious elite athlete, many of us can improve dramatically without this state of the art testing that will remain in the lab and NOT back at your house. You need the day to day advantages, which will make you a better cyclist within your family and community. Get on the bike.


Geographic Location - More

For the time of year, you are hard pressed to find a better cycling destination on the globe. We have the goods and you are just an hour away from LAX – sweet. You will ride at sea level on the coastline, through Malibu, around farmlands and reach up to 3,000 feet in the Santa Monica Mountains. And that’s just one ride.


Cost Savings - More

Keeping your retreat within the U.S. will save you time, money, sanity and your circadian pacemaker from going haywire (jet lag); your core team lives in this immediate area, so you do not have to worry about additional overhead expenditures of hotel rooms, etc. We are here to help you and not hurt you.



We promise that we are not professional cyclists – we’ve never raced a grand tour and can’t tell you far fetched stories that involve some sort of transfusion.

We promise that we are everyday working-professional cyclists with an obsession for the sport of cycling that must also step off the bike to pay the bills, clean the house and feed the family.

We promise that you will stay in no more than one or two locations (we may go on an adventurous trip one or two days to ride some Tour of California loops).

We promise that you will not be going to Tuscany. We would love to go to Tuscany, but you would be paying for our trip too. This is our home and you don’t pay for that.