What's The Haps?


Whether you are looking to launch your triple A title or send your first game out into the digital world, BBI has had over 10 years experience in the gaming world. From mobile games to blockbuster titles, we have developed websites, banners ads, online contests, facebook apps and print media to support showcasing the next fun title. Have a look at some of the examples, by clicking the button below.
Sometimes you aren't just selling a product, but also selling a personality. BBI understands the delicate balance between keeping someones reputation looking professional, but still fun, exciting and slick. We have worked with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and many others. Our quality of work keeps our clients looking their best while still getting their message or product across. Take a look at some of our Personality sites below!
Whether you are a fortune 500 or a non-profit, BBI knows business. We have worked with many companies to keep their online presence looking fun, exciting and elegant at the same time. When companies approach BBI for work, no matter how big or small, we treat every business as though they are the most important client we have. The results end up being something more than you can ever expect. Take a look at some examples below.

BBI takes your vision to a beautiful reality.

Whether you are at the helm of a triple A title, or just starting your own venture, BBI can offer you services from the beginning to the end of your project.

In the early stages, we absorb the idea along with the goal. We suggest, we plan, and we observe.

Once the concept is in place, we design, develop and deploy.

Some of the services BBI specializes in includes:

  • Web Design
  • Web Programming
  • Online Advertising
  • Facebook Applications
  • CMS Systems
  • Google Adword Campaigns
  • Project Management
  • Print Campaigns
  • Logo Designs
  • Typesetting

Have a great idea? Challenge us. We love something different



BBI has been doing cool stuff for 10 years!

BBI was founded in 2002 as a creative design company specializing in websites and online marketing.  BBI’s approach to business is to stay on top of the project and deliver cutting edge design and concepts.  As a result, clientele has grown significantly over the years ranging everywhere from small start up companies to very large corporations.

With the core business being online, BBI has staying in the know of latest concepts and practices. With new devices and standards coming out all the time, BBI has the ability to test and approve work on multiple platforms including all browsers and mobile devices. BBI also masters the newest abilities with Social media including Facebook Apps, Twitter backgrounds, Tumblr themes and more.

With a strong right and left brain mentality, BBI can hold the project from concept to completion. By offering strong design skills along with excellent programming knowledge, working with BBI is a one stop destination for all your creative needs.

While the specialty still lies in web design, BBI also offers a full range of creative services including, logos, print advertising, packaging, creative writing, photography, book covers and more.

What sets BBI apart from the rest is no matter how big or small the project is, the work is always professional and communication is readily available.  Far too often designers/developers become MIA resulting in slipped deadlines, unfinished work and ultimately having to find a new agency to finish a project.  At BBI we pride ourselves in always keeping the lines of communication open insuring your project is completed when expected, better than you expected.